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Nov 2016

I wanted to just send out a quick email to advise you that your portfolio is positioned defensively.
Feb 2016

Corporate Dividend Strategy
From April 2016 the way dividends are going to be taxed is to change.on’ (NSP)

Oct 2015

New State Pension (NSP)
In April 2016 the way the state pension is calculated changes. There will only be one pension the ‘new state pension’ (NSP).

July 2015

Key Corporate Budget changes 2015
The Chancellor has attacked the way that you can pay yourself

Positive Pension Changes
One change is that on death the value of your pension can be passed down the family and as it is outside your estate there is no inheritance tax (IHT) to pay

December 2014

Autumn statement update
I have picked out the main ones associated with savings and pensions that should come into effect in April 2015.

October 2014

Staff holidays and shared parental leave
Staff sick on holiday can take extra leave

Taxation of Pensions Bill update
What we are seeing is the pension rule book being torn up

July 2014

Do you want to minimise corporation tax?
Currently if you want to extract profits from your company you have three options

March 2014

Budget and Pensions Update
The key point is that the Chancellor has given you more freedom with your defined contribution pension

New Workplace Pension
The Pensions Act 2008 came into effect in October 2012. This will force 8,800,000 employees to enrol into a workplace pension

September 2013

Lakeland Challenge
Some hardy clients and I are raising funds for the Youth Adventure Trust

February 2013

The new flat-rate state pension
People reaching their retiring age after April 2017 will be paid a higher basic pension

October 2012

Retail Distribution Review
You may be aware that at the end of 2012 the financial industry is being forced to raise its level of professionalism

Performance based unbiased financial advice

Our aim is to help you achieve your life goals. By understanding your vision for the future we can provide added value as your trusted financial adviser. We are proactive and are continuingly developing innovative solutions to support you.

We wanted to create a fresh approach in order to provide a totally independent service, based on investment performance. Each client has differing needs and a desire for a high level of reliable service to reduce the stress in our lives. We have therefore not created a product but a unique tailored personalised offering. We wish to create a long-term relationship with you, to understand your motivations, goals, lifestyle and views on risk.

We have developed a wide range of adaptable solutions. Each solution uses active multi-manager fund management to protect and grow your wealth. Also, only when you attain your objective do we charge a performance fee. We empathise with your needs and share a common goal as we also invest in the same funds.

Everyone leads busy lives and therefore has little time to devote to satisfying their financial needs. We all want peace of mind and the appropriate level of communication. By allowing us to support you, we can be proactive to help minimise any potential losses. Our objective is to earn and maintain your trust and loyalty.

We have described a range of solutions to solve common challenges. As each client's needs are different, please contact us for an informal discussion at no charge or obligation. The key areas that we specialise in are:

  • Solving your pension problems
  • Growing your investments
  • Mitigating inheritance tax
  • Increasing retirement income
  • Managing corporate investments
We want you to be delighted with the work we do for you and the way that we do it. We are therefore pleased to offer an unconditional service guarantee. If at any time you feel that we have somehow not met your expectations in any way, then you can stop the active monitoring at no further cost to you.

Contact: +44 (0)20 8715 4004   info@unbiasedfa.co.uk   37 Dorset Road, Merton Park, SW19 3EZ

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